Target Shoot

Target shoot is the most popular competition that we currently conduct. It’s the perfect competition for the beginner, as it uses paper bulls eye targets, so it’s easy to see where your shots are landing.

As a novice, you will be using a .22 calibre firearm. This calibre is perfect for the beginner as it has less recoil/kick (allowing you to learn good fundamentals) and the ammunition is much more affordable than that of larger calibres.

Whilst you are an unlicensed shooter you will have a Range Officer (RO) assigned to you. Your assigned RO will help you to become familiar with the function of the firearm and will guide you through the competition. They will answer your questions and provide any assistance required.

How the competition works:-

  • Targets are first set up on frames at 7 metres.
  • On the Controlling RO’s command, you load 5 rounds and come to the ready position, cover your target and then fire.
  • You are given 15 seconds to complete this stage. The Controlling RO will then give the instruction to cease fire and unload.
  • This will be repeated twice.
  • The firearms are then prepared to be ‘cleared’ by a Range Officer (RO) who will deem the firearm safe to case.
  • Once all firearms are cleared, the Controlling RO will declare the range closed and you will then be instructed to go out to check your target to see how you are doing.
  • Targets are moved out to the 15 metre mark.
  • This stage is conducted the same as above, however, you are given 20 seconds to complete this stage.
  • Targets are moved out to the 25 metre mark.
  • This stage is conducted the same as above, however, you are given 30 seconds to complete this stage.
  • Your firearm is now “cleared” for the final time and you will be instructed to ‘case the firearm and remove it from the shooting line’. The range will be closed and you will be instructed when to go out and retrieve your target for scoring.

How do you score your target?

You have rings on your target numbered 1 – 9. You count the holes starting at the outer rim which is number 1 and has the value of 1. For example, 5 holes in the 1 ring is tallied as 5×1=5. You do the same for each ring and sum these figures to get your total. Your target has a score table at the bottom to record this. Any holes outside of the black do not count. You have shot 45 rounds so you should have 45 holes in the target. A perfect score is 450. Sometimes you can have 2 rounds go through the same hole but you will be able to tell as the hole will be slightly bigger and differently shaped.

This competition really is a lot of fun so why not give it a try?