Metal Silhouette

This competition is usually shot with centrefire firearms, however, .22 targets are available.

For Metal Silhouette competition, you set up 6 metal plate targets on a metal stand. There are a variety of targets shapes and sizes to choose from. You select 5 of the larger targets, each one of a different shape. These large targets are worth one point each. The last target is a small bird. This is either set up on the same stand or on a higher stand if available. This target is worth 5 points.

The object is to knock over all the targets on the stand. The small bird cannot be shot before you have first knocked down one of the larger targets. You will soon discover that just hitting the target is not always enough. These targets have an annoying habit of not falling down. They may turn or move but simply do not fall down. You have to discover where to hit the target to get them to fall down. Quite a challenge! You only score for fallen targets.

How the competition works:-

  • On the Controlling Range Officer’s command, you load 6 rounds and come to the ready position, cover your target and then fire.
  • After all competitors have shot their 6 rounds the Range Officer will call “Cease Fire”.
  • Your firearm will be “cleared” by a Range Officer (RO) and your score taken.
  • Once all firearms are “cleared”, the range will be closed and you will be able to move forward and reset and fallen targets.
  • This will be repeated 7 more times (totalling 8 stages and 48 rounds fired).
  • The firearm will be cleared and cased for the final time and removed from the range so that the range can be closed and the targets can be retrieved. The scores will be tallied with all 8 stages added up. A perfect score is 80 made up of 8 stages worth 10 points.

This competition is great for those that like to have a solid result. It also poses a challenge as you are not always able to determine if you are shooting high or low and as mentioned before the targets do not always want to fall for you. Give this competition a go once you have been shooting for a while. It is a lot of fun!!