Shooting Disciplines

Shooting has a wide range of different forms of regulated competition called disciplines. The following are just some of the more popular types of shooting competitions we conduct at the Pine Rivers Shooting Club. As our club expands and when we have completed our own facilities we will be adding further disciplines.

Metal Silhouette

This competition is usually shot with centrefire firearms, however, .22 targets are available.

For Metal Silhouette competition, you set up 6 metal plate targets on a metal stand. There are a variety of targets shapes and sizes to choose from. You select 5 of the larger targets, each one of a different shape. These large targets are worth one point each. The last target is a small bird. This is either set up on the same stand or on a higher stand if available. This target is worth 5 points.

C Class Metal Silhouette

This competition is shot by those with a .45 endorsement, which are the largest pistol calibers.

The targets are metal plate, black silhouette targets set at 100 metres. One hundred metres is quite a challenge and making the targets black adds to level of difficulty.

The objective is to knock down the targets. At 100 metres distancve, they do not always want to fall. It takes practice to learn where to hit the targets to knock them down.

Target Shoot

Target shoot is the most popular competition that we currently conduct. It’s the perfect competition for the beginner, as it uses paper bulls eye targets, so it’s easy to see where your shots are landing.

As a novice, you will be using a .22 calibre firearm. This calibre is perfect for the beginner as it has less recoil/kick (allowing you to learn good fundamentals) and the ammunition is much more affordable than that of larger calibres.