C Class Metal Silhouette

C Class Metal Silhouette

The C Class Metal Silhouette competition is shot by those with a .45 endorsement, which are the largest pistol calibers.

The targets are metal plate, black silhouette targets set at 100 metres. This is quite a challenge and making the targets black adds to the level of difficulty as our competitions are conduct in the evenings.

The objective is to knock down the targets. At 100 metres away, they do not always want to fall. It takes practice to learn where to hit the targets to knock them down.

How the competition works:-

  • On the Controlling Range Officer’s command, you load 6 rounds and come to the ready position, cover your target and then fire.
  • Unlike other competitions, firearms do not need to be cleared during this competition unless the range is shared with another discipline or the targets need to be reset.
  • At the end of the competition firearms will be cleared for the final time and removed from the range so that the range can be closed and the targets can be retrieved.
  • Scoring is simple, with 1 point awarded for each knock down.

This is a challenging competition for those with larger caliber pistols who like to test their skills.